Data Science

Liquor Store Project

This project looks at Liquor Stores in Colorado. Currently, there is a bill that would allow establishments with a 3.2 Licence to renew to a Full Strength Licence. Looking at 3 years of sales data from Iowa, we can estimate what the impact to Colorado Liquor Stores will be.
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Southwest Airlines Case Study

Southwest Airlines is a classic Business Case Study. I used Python and Plotly to analyze┬áseveral years of flight data to understand various aspects of industry and what Southwest Airline’s stand out among its piers.
Python Code
Plotly Market Share Visual
Plotly Arial Delay Visual
Executive Summary & SWOT

Margin Mart Visualization of Data Errors

Margin Mart is a fictitious database that had several errors embedded in it. I was asked to do a presentation on data visualization. The visualizations were done using Matplotlib and Seaborn.
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Margin Mart Presentation

Teacher Salaries

This is a project based on a statistics project. There are 4 simple questions posed and answered.
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Dice Job Board

This was a quick and simple analysis of a job board’s postings for engineers.
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